Oil Painting Workshop with Sung Kim-Ongoing

By August 5, 2017Events

In this beginner to Intermediate level course, you will acquire skills and knowledge in the medium of oil paints, lead by Sung’s years of mastery. The goal of this class is not only to increase your confidence with oil paint material, but also to share the joy that Sung has found in painting

Entry level –  still life

Still life painting is a perfect start for the beginners to have their first experience with oil painting. Step by step, you will learn how to capture the light and dark on objects, define color temperature. Starting with a limited palette to familiarize oil material and adding colors as we study with various objects, you will gradually be presented with techniques from novice to the professional level. The class will cover mixing colors, how to handle different texture of subjects and techniques of brush work that Sung uses. This is open to all levels and students receive personal attention throughout the sessions.

Intermediate level – Landscape       

In these courses, you will learn the skills and various techniques of landscape painting.  This class will cover the principal stages of building up a landscape including, proportion, composition, value variation and color temperature. Technical instructions will be presented with demonstration and brief lecture and critique. Sung will assist students individually during the sessions as we work from a photo reference (either they can bring their own photos or will be provided some references at the class).

Every Tuesday6-9pm at Phoenix Alameda, located at 2315 Lincoln Ave, Alameda CA
Each duration starts on first Tuesday.

tuition : $280 / Month
​Class is open to all skill levels beginner-advaned
More information about the workshop: sungeunkimart.com
 email : sungkim.artist@gmail.com